The Dashboard App For Your Viewing Needs

Whether it is sales, marketing or service, for teams or managers, dashboards can provide you with much needed up-to-date information, to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. With CRM Dashboards you will have the advantage of greater pipeline predictability as well as being able to view the performance of individuals and teams.

Being able to easily view the organization of your team, increases the effectiveness of your business as you can see the activity of both sales and service teams, such that you can adjust your business management accordingly. This entire package includes some highly useful dashboards including:

Sales & Marketing Dashboards
· Marketing Executive Dashboard
· Sales Executive Dashboard
· Sales Manager Dashboard
· Salesperson Dashboard

Customer Service Dashboards
· Agent Supervisor Overview Dashboard
· Service Executive Overview Dashboard
· Service KPIs Dashboard

Management with the Milestone PM App

When it comes to the daily grind of business, management is key to maintaining organization in your daily tasks. With all the projects that can be going on simultaneously, you don’t need any added stress – and this is where the Milestone PM Project and Management app comes in.

A app, it is the solution to your management issues as it is designed to keep track of time and budgets as well as report the status of various tasks. To simplify matters, Milestone PM provides a number tools, including the ability to create templates as well as import and export them to suit yourself. There is also email integration, reports, dashboards and project summary screen, so that data is always updated and easy to view.

With this kind of information and management at your fingertips, there is no reason to ever be overwhelmed by the number of tasks in your business. Free yourself up to concentrate on the tasks at hand and let Milestone PM keep track of everything else.

Get Clued In With LinkedIn

Information has always been key to getting ahead in the business world and with LinkedIn for Salesforce, you have an app which will give you the social intelligence you need to get ahead. To help you get background on your contact, LinkedIn for Salesforce provides several useful pieces of information:

  • people you have in common with your contact

  • the professional history of the contact

  • your contact's education

  • details about where the contact works, with information about other employees of the company

  • other profiles similar to that of your contact

Adding to all this, you will also be provided with real time updates on your contact so that you can be aware of their movements in order to time your call to your advantage. Enjoy the benefits of social intelligence with LinkedIn for Salesforce.

The End of Double Trouble – DupeCatcher

Salesforce AppExchange brings DupeCatcher, a free app which supports Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and mobile editions. This app is designed to prevent duplicating data, thereby maintaining a clean database. As data is being entered in real time, the DupeCatcher identifies duplicate leads, contacts and accounts, merging them with the previously existing data making it simple to keep your records clean.

Having a disorganized database can have detrimental results such as lost sales and poor customer service, however by running DupeCatcher in the background, data is merged into a single record and collected for analysis, updating your Salesforce records and only allowing you to create a new record when there is no previous one in existence. Add DupeCatcher to your system and find out just how easy it is to maintain clean and clear records, no muss, no fuss and no duplications in sight.

The Wide World of AppExchange

Salesforce supplies companies with a variety of services and one of the perks is the wonder of AppExchange, whereby companies have the ability to browse, test and then install apps for a multitude of purposes. With over 1000 apps, the choices are almost limitless and with the ability to read through ratings and test-drive prior to implementation, nothing stands in the way of choosing the best possible app for each specific situation and then benefiting by time saving that would have been taken up in the case of creating an in-house solution.

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