Blat-Lapidot and Salesforce Bring You the Social Revolution

With the world changing and technology advancing at a rapid rate, the social revolution creates leverage, which has the ability to lead. To answer some of the questions regarding the new tools, Blat-Lapidot recently hosted an event, together with Salesforce, at the Dan Acadia Hotel in Hertzliya.

Over 200 people participated in this event, including customers, sponsors, Salesforce representatives and other interested parties. The theme of the event was to discover the social power of Salesforce, which is right now, the leading company in social solutions for enterprise businesses and to explain how best to use the social tools available to lead the competitive market.

The social revolution was discussed by Robin Fisher RVP Corporate Sales, EMEA Salesforce and Per Andreas Melo, Senior Sales Engineer, Salesforce. Following this, Chatter was discussed by Gabi Broitman, COO of Blat-Lapidot and Haim Melamed, Information Systems Manager at AudioCodes. There were several other speakers from Panaya, Clarizen and Shilav, who presented the customers perspective on the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

The event was an overall success with several people commenting on the relevency of the proceedings. Some comments were:

"I liked the combination of representatives from abroad"

"I enjoyed meeting customers, interested parties and the team at Blat-Lapidot"

"Generally speaking, the event was produced at a very high standard, which showed the standing and initiative of the organization"

"Learning about the future perspective of the system, meeting the staff at Blat-Lapidot and being integrated with the other businesses in the field, in addition the hospitality at the hotel was amazing- the breakfast, the light refreshments and the lunch, thank you!"

Above: Maya Komerov, CEO Blat-Lapidot,  opening proceedings

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