Remedyforce – Help in the Cloud

When problems arise in the world of technology, solving them can often be a time consuming ordeal. To make life simpler, BMC and have collaborated to produce Remedyforce and as it runs in the cloud, there is no need to buy servers, deal with complicated hardware and software or worry about maintenance.

Remedyforce provides a number of solutions including a self service portal, allowing employees to research and resolve their own issues, request help from IT, or initiate standard IT requests, all of which are available from your mobile device. To give you a visual indication of events, there is a Remedyforce dashboard, which shows your calender, such that you can track and manage incidents as well as see reports on performance.

Support staff can use chatter to communicate with each other within Remedyforce, which helps them respond quickly and improve productivity. With the Help Desk in the cloud there is 25% higher first call resolution, 20% lower mean time to resolution, 60% lower unplanned downtime and 50% call deflection, making Remedyforce the ultimate solution to your problems.

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