Monitor Media with RADIAN 6

With over 150 million sources including facebook, twitter and blogs, there is a sea of information and conversations out there, regarding industry, brands and competitions. So the question is: how do you make sense of it all? Radian6 provides you with the answer, as it allows you to listen to the talk concerning your company, analyze conversations and then take part in real time.

The advantages of Radian6 are threefold:

Mold marketing according to mediaWith your finger on the pulse of the public, it is easier to read trends, understand key demographics and adjust your business accordingly. Once you understand how people view your brand, the trends in the market and demographics, you are better equipped to market your product, analyze your campaigns, suit your content and make business decisions.

Pace your pipelineWhen people in the online community raise certain issues, or bring to light specific requirements, you can answer that call, improving your customer relationship. Being aware of what is being said about specific prospects and competitors, gives you the opportunity to build on those weaknesses and use them to your advantage.

Superior service The trick is to spot the troubles before they become serious issues and to make sure the appropriate personnel are alerted to the situation as soon as possible. With the ability to monitor conversations, tweets and posts, you can prioritize, create customer service cases, respond to the problem, all while maintaining a record of the interaction.

Radian 6 gives you all the tools you need to listen to your customers, analyze the issue and respond in real time, giving your business all the advantages it needs.

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