Social Revolution – 7 Ways to Network

In this age of blogging, tweets, status alerts and facebook, there is an influx of information available in real time on social media sites, which both customers and sales reps can use to their advantage.

  1. Get in the game – the first important step step is to find out exactly what your customers need before beginning your pitch. Where this used to be a tedious step, with social media it is simply a matter of logging into an internal collaboration tool in order to customize a proposal, tailored to the needs of the client.

  2. Know your customer's hangouts – with so many avenues of information available, it is important to figure out where customers and potential customers engage in the social web. Tuning into customers conversations will give you an insight into their needs and give you an advantage.

  3. Make yourself “like”able – building a brand for yourself, is a combination of the traditional business world and the social media world of tweets, blogging, comments and status updates. Controlling your position in the world of social media, by polishing your profile and joining the relevant industry groups, will bring business to you, rather than having to go out and find the contacts.

  4. First friends, then leads – as customers visit the various online forums, use the opportunity to give them as much information about your product as possible, rather than trying to make a hard sale. The customer is obviously searching for information, so try to give them the details they need, showcasing the great service you can provide.

  5. Connect with social intelligence – knowing you to call and who to contact in a company, is a vital piece of information and with social networks being so advanced, it is now easier for a good salesman to to figure out who to approach in the sales process. It has been found that this social intelligence leads to to significantly higher success rates, making it worth while to search for the right contact.

  6. Tweet up your pipeline – the key to using social networks is not just talking, but listening. Set time aside to tweet regularly about your company, however at the same time, give yourself an hour or so to listen to online conversations about customer issues, so that you can step in at the right moment to offer a solution to problems they have already identified.

  7. Get together, sell smarter – the new sales tool is connectivity. With all relevant information being available by clicking the collaboration tab, it is no longer necessary to spend hours searching for specific details, up-to-date documents and expert advice. The employee social network provides the answers and connections needed to sell smarter.

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