The Age of Social Enterprise

We live in a world that is rapidly becoming smaller as communication methods advance technologically. This automatically impacts the business arena just as much as personal lives, as networks such as Facebook transform the manner in which customers and employees communicate. It is the age of social enterprise, where the power of platforms lies in their adaptability.

To evolve with the times, it is vital that the platforms we use give developers the freedom they need to create new applications, thereby ensuring the success of the platform. Moving forward, Salesforce brings you the next generation platforms which are open, social and mobile, including profiles, files and feeds all of which are updated in real time. Having these apps built on open standards allows an extra element of freedom which adds to the value of the platform.

To give businesses what they need, Salesforce present three different platforms:

  • to create your own employee social network

  • to create your customer social profile

  • Heroku: to create your customer social network

With the world of communication being ever expansive, Salesforce brings you the tools to stay on top of your game, improving your business relations with these platforms.

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