Get To Know the Social Enterprise

The world of technology is all about the next big development and Blat-Lapidot and Salesforce are excited to invite you to an event to introduce your business to the latest advantageous technological tools. Taking place on November 23rd at the Dan Accadia Hotel in Hertzliya, you will discover the benefits of the Social Enterprise.

Appearing at this will be senior, international Salesforce executives and experts from Blat-Lapidot who will draw from their extensive experience, to explain the advantages of the social network. Various aspects of the social enterprise will be expanded upon, including certain case studies. Added to the discussion of the social enterprise, will be talks regarding the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in connection with managing sales organizations and customer service.

This event is intended for CEO's, CIO's, Vice Presidents and Sales, Service and Marketing Managers, so pleased register in advance to enjoy the wealth of information that will doubtless benefit your business. 

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