Heroku – For Your Customer Social Network

There several good reasons for developers to love Heroku, not the least of which is that it is the only multi-language cloud application platform, supporting multiple frameworks, databases and languages including Java and Ruby. This amazing technology gives developers the freedom to forget their servers and focus instead on the applications.

Heroku is completely open so it is able to run on other platforms and be easily integrated, therefore allowing developers can use the frameworks that they are most familiar with. With this openness, developers have portability to run their applications not just on Heroku, but on other platforms. Integration is also simpler within other systems, such as back office systems and other cloud services.

The focus of Heroku is connecting with developers and giving them a way to instantly deploy their apps, meaning that it goes directly from desktop to the cloud, available to millions, in just a few seconds with a simple command. With all this flexibility, it is no wonder that over 170,000 customer applications have been built on Heroku. 

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