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When it comes to building apps in the cloud, is a powerful tool. There are no limitations to the flexibility of this cloud platform, as it provides the ability to create and run social, mobile and real-time apps. Being fundamentally declarative, empowers developers to create applications, such that to date, there are over 240,000 apps that have been built on

The power of lies in its innovative ability, whereby developers can create solutions for any business needs, on the one platform. Rather than having to install and configure software and hardware, it can all be done in the cloud, allowing businesses to very quickly build applications for various functions including: billing, tax calculation, event management, brand management, pricing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, HR, claims processing and more.

An additional advantage is the social aspect of as it integrates with feeds from other apps, allowing you to view profiles, conversations and all updates. The opportunities are endless with the versatility of

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