– For Your Customer Social Profile

With the business world becoming ever more social and mobile, it is vital to move with the times and this is where comes in. Salesforce has taken the multitenant cloud database and rebuilt it to be the world's first social, mobile and open database, in order to capture the social customer profile. can run on any platform and allows you to choose how you store your data. If you have sensitive customer information that must remain in a specific location or region, Salesforce provides for this contingency. They have created the data residency option, to provide the choice, freedom and flexibility that is so often necessary.

The best feature of is that it integrates all of your applications including apps, heroku apps or the apps from the Salesforce appexchange. All the information fro these apps is integrates in, which allows you to easily run analytics and share data, as it is all in the one place.

Most important of all is the security and reliability of It is the self same database that has been powering Salesforce apps since 1998 and with over 100,000 organizations relying on it, has a reputation of trustworthiness that is beyond doubt.

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