Blat Lapidot's Inside Blog- Hosting Gil Hod

Gil Hod has been working with Blat Lapidot for over two years, at the beginning as a developer and then as a Project Manager.
Here are some of Gil's thoughts based on his vast experience in managing large Cloud Computing projects:

When we consult with a client to create the perfect system to their exact specifications, it is the project manager (PM) who must ensure that the client is perfectly satisfied. The details, the daily interaction and the finalization all fall into their realm.

 When I find a solution for one of my customers, it's not always the last phase. It sometimes  happens that the solution that I find does not fit the customer, or the customer doesn't think it does. There are so many parameters which need to be taken into consideration when trying to design the perfect solution.

For example, a solution can appear sufficient, but after examining the time it will take to implement it, or the cost of the solution, it might not be relevant for the customer I am working with, meaning it is not good enough.

When I am looking for a solution, I try to take all the parameters into consideration and try to look through the eyes of the customer in order to understand what kind of a solution will be best for him.

As a project manager, I can look at other projects which dealt with the same situations. It is rare that a customer has a unique problem which was has not yet arisen on another project.
Blat-Lapidot Professional Services Team consists of many PM's who have managed hundreds of projects and earned a vast experience dealing with many problems and obstacles, in different environments.
Combining this amount of project experience with our ability to communicate this information internally by internal team meetings, newsletters and mainly by using Chatter to inter communicate, provides me as a PM, the perfect ground to find the right solution for the customer.

When taking all this together into account and after consulting with my colleagues, the odds are high that I will succeed in designing a solution that will not only solve the technical/ business issues, but also satisfy the customer and fit his specific needs.

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