The Israel Experience of Salesforce

The Israel Experience is a subsidiary company of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), which provides educational tours for many diverse groups of overseas visitors, throughout the year. With several branches across the world, they require a simple method of sharing updated data, as each of their offices need to be able to access information in real time.

To this end, The Israel Experience worked with Blat-Lapidot, implementing's platform to manage the tourist groups, which the company arranges annually. In addition, Blat-Lapidot used the technology of VisualForce to create unique screens which track incoming data, saving substantial amounts of time and money in terms of IT resources.

The new system is also highly advantageous, in that it provides The Israel Experience with the ability to view dashboards and reports which will help them analyze statistics and thus forecast activities for the coming year. The system is also interfaced with their own financial system, such that they can complete various other administration tasks including customer interfaces, price lists, invoices, purchase orders, etc.

The benefit of using the Salesforce platform is the convenience of the system which provides all the data necessary for the 120 users, allowing them to plan tours, analyze data and manage international offices, secure in the knowledge that all their data is updated in real time.  

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