Innovation at Salesforce with Marc Benioff

Another word for innovation, is 'calculated disruption' and this is completely personified in Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff. Over a decade ago he began to disrupt stale industry notions, when he helped bring businesses into “the cloud”, transforming the way the industry is run with his revolutionary ideas. This step took him strides ahead of any competitors, as his ability to see potential in what was considered a ludicrous idea, has made Salesforce top the Forbes list of most innovative companies this year.

At its beginning, Salesforce was being run in a small apartment in San Francisco and has gone from this humble start to being a huge corporation. Benioff managed to guide the company through economic strains, transcending the financial difficulties of the stock market, which befell them shortly after the company's inception.

Benioff still looks to the future, to find the next innovative idea on the horizon, which in this case is Chatter, the “social enterprise”. He recognises the significance of the fact that 22% of internet time is social and emphasises the importance of having a social platform that allows new apps to be built on them, using new technology. Being a platform gives mobility, so that in listening to both customers and employees, Salesforce is able to build on the platform to suit everyone's needs.

Benioff insists that this innovative step forward is about the ability to create your own employee and customer social network. It is this attitude which leads Salesforce to the top of Forbes Most Innovative Companies and continues to make it a force to reckon with.  

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