A Touching New Piece of Technology

Mobile devices are fast becoming key features in the business world and Salesforce is now making it easier for you to conduct your business, through your choice of device. With touch.salesforce.com, being released early next year, you will be able to access Salesforce from almost any mobile device, making traveling for business easier.

The technology for this new feature is HTML 5, which combines privacy and security along with being more interactive to support the touch based navigation of mobile devices. With HTML 5 there will be no issues using the applications necessary to continue business on the road, as touch.salesforce.com allows you to slide, swipe and tap your way into Salesforce.

This development was announced at the recent Dreamforce event in San Francisco, where it was explained that HTML 5 will be supported on most browsers, making it the perfect foil for Salesforce.com's Touch.com, adapted for mobile devices. With this technology, Salesforce is becoming more adaptable in the mobile arena and provides a way for customers to remain updated and in constant contact while traveling, with the comfort of their preferred mobile device.

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