The New Wave of Chatter

The advantages of Chatter are numerous and now Salesforce is adding to the already well known benefits by bringing in new social innovations across the platforms, which will only add to the experience. There are several features which were announced in the Dreamforce event including:

Chatter Now – This will show colleagues who is online and when so that they can chat together easily without ever having to leave Chatter, thereby allowing them to have instant collaboration.

Chatter Customer Groups – Creating your own group is a great advantage when it comes to discussing business needs and accounts. With this, users can invite whoever they choose in order to collaborate with contacts outside the company.

Chatter Approvals – Instead of having to leave Chatter to conduct business, users will have the ability to approve anything from sales discounts to vacation requests, all from within Chatter. Added to this, users will be able to comment on approval processes, which in turn leads to more informed decision making.

Chatter Service – The Salesforce Service Cloud now brings your customers something extra as they can receive answers to every question at a moments notice. There is also a connection to other public social networks, thus extending the social community.

 These features will be available later this year and early next year, so keep your eyes pealed for the newest Chatter updates, that will get you in better contact, with greater ease.

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