Plan Your Success With Salesforce

Once you have the Salesforce platform, to be able to truly use it to your best advantage, it is vital to understand all its intricacies. To help you with this, Salesforce has the Premier Success Plan, which provides you with the support and training your company needs.

With this, there is a 24 hour toll free phone that gives you a VIP passcode to ensure that you are first to be served by the certified experts. Added to this, businesses will have access to the entire online training catalog, of over 100 courses, that has everything from training in a specific product, to introducing administrators and developers to the system.

For an additional boost, there is also the Premier+ Success Plan which is a more comprehensive plan that gives you some extra perks, one of which is a response time of only 2 hours. As as being a priority for all calls, you will have access to your own team of salesforce experts who can help with such common administrative issues as:

  • building reports and dashboards

  • automating your processes with workflows

  • configuring your apps

Whichever plan you choose, the benefits are instantaneous, as it is only with the proper training and complete information that you can use to your utmost advantage. The online training courses have something for everyone, so you have nothing to lose either way.

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