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Getting the right information regarding contacts can be a time consuming activity, but now saves you all that frustration by bringing you complete access to business information, helping you reach contacts and accounts. Unified data about companies and people is available from Salesforce, all updated automatically. There is no need to worry about a contact's change of status, or search endlessly for a contact who no longer works for the company as brings you a complete social profile.

In terms of planning an account there is nothing that tops the clean and complete data of over 30 million people and 4 million corporate profiles. All this is in the cloud and is therefore continuously updated and validated by the Jigsaw community, so you can search according to any level, department or title. Being in the cloud gives you the advantage of being one click away from Salesforce so that you can easily import a contact back into Salesforce or export into your external marketing systems.

The millions of high-quality business contacts, in-depth company profiles, and social insights that has to offer, gives you the opportunity to fuel your social enterprise and gain invaluable insight, which will help you find out exactly what you need to know about each contact and lead, in a timely fashion.

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