Salesforce – Forbes' Most Innovative Company – Presents Dreamforce’s much anticipated, 9th annual user and developer conference, Dreamforce, took place just recently, from August 30th to September 2nd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This is the cloud computing event of the year where leaders in the industry are brought together to collaborate and connect with each other.

The four day conference included, keynote speakers Marc Beniof chairman and CEO of Salesforce and Eric E. Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google as well as in-depth discussions, hands-on training and technical training and a gala event featuring the 9 time Grammy Award winner Metallica.

The purpose in this conference is to further the understanding of the Salesforce products including Sales and Service Clouds, Salesforce Chatter, Jigsaw, the platform, and, thus furthering the success each of the companies can have with these products.

During the conference, Salesforce announced some innovative technological solutions:

Chatter Now – This is a tool which allows real-time sharing, by showing users when their colleagues are online, so they can chat with them instantly and share data.

Chatter Customer Groups For the first time, Chatter users can invite customers and partners to their Chatter network in order to share ideas and information. This tool is expected to increase collaboration outside the limits of the organization

Chatter Approvals – through this tool, users can implement an action on any approval process that comes through Chatter. It is possible to approve discounts to customers and make decision regarding hiring, vacation requests, and more using Chatter. Approval processes also include notes and related documents that help increase efficiency and make decisions based on information.

Chatter Service – This is the ultimate self-service tool. With this cusomters can ask questions as is done on social networks and get fast answers from the organizational information base, a community specialist or a service representative. It is also possible to connect Chatter Service to other public social networks such as Facebook, in order to broaden the community. – This is a tool which provides sales and marketing professionals the information they need to effectively plan and execute marketing campaigns and sales, all from within Salesforce. Read more here. Data Residency Option – This is a tools designed for companies that want to take advantage of the cloud, yet define requirements and policy. With this tool it is possible to preserve sensitive information while working with the cloud of solutions. – It is based on open standard HTML5 technology. It was designed to run as a native client on most popular smart-phones, providing a better experience when compared with accessing Salesforce apps via a web browser.

These are just some of the products presented at the recent Dreamforce event, some of which are already available for purchase, with the remainder being made ready for the coming year.

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