The End of Double Trouble – DupeCatcher

Salesforce AppExchange brings DupeCatcher, a free app which supports Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and mobile editions. This app is designed to prevent duplicating data, thereby maintaining a clean database. As data is being entered in real time, the DupeCatcher identifies duplicate leads, contacts and accounts, merging them with the previously existing data making it simple to keep your records clean.

Having a disorganized database can have detrimental results such as lost sales and poor customer service, however by running DupeCatcher in the background, data is merged into a single record and collected for analysis, updating your Salesforce records and only allowing you to create a new record when there is no previous one in existence. Add DupeCatcher to your system and find out just how easy it is to maintain clean and clear records, no muss, no fuss and no duplications in sight.

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