Blat-Lapidot at Dreamforce

The annual Salesforce event, Dreamforce 2011, took place in San Francisco just recently and CEO Maya Komerov and COO Gabi Broitman, from Blat-Lapidot were the sole Israeli consulting partners who took part.

Being actively present at this amazing event, gave our Blat-Lapidot representatives the opportunity to catch up with several key contacts, from sales and partners of Salesforce, in order to support the growth of Salesforce in Israel. 

The Salesforce executives were very encouraging regarding the work we are doing here in Israel, to the extent that they want to use Blat-Lapidot as a model for other territories. Having traveled so far to be present at this event, the effort and great work ethic of Blat-Lapidot has obviously not gone unnoticed, as indicated by this special dinner. Being in San Francisco gave us the chance to get to meet many important people, solidify previous relationships and forge some promising new ones. Our presence at Dreamforce gave us the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with Salesforce and to bring further information to Israel, which will allow us to continue to lead in the area, completing many successful projects. 

Above left to right: Blat-Lapidot CEO Maya Komerov, Salesforce DIrector Project Enablement George Hume and Blat-Lapidot COO Gabi Broitman 

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