5 Ways Salesforce CRM Helps in Sales

The Salesforce CRM offers a number of advantages for both the management and sales staff through tools which are designed to ease the day-to-day drive of business:

Forecasting – As all opportunities are updated in the Salesforce CRM< both managers and sales representatives can see where sales are coming in and what was forecast for previous periods. There is no longer any need to deal with the inconvenience of Excel sheets as the CRM makes editing the forecasts a simple matter.

Dashboards – Sales reps can customize their dashboards, color coding in order to be able to get quick status updates at a single glance. This way managers are also able to note the sales goals and metrics as well as support and service metrics.

Reports – Rather than having to wait for team submissions, managers can run reports in real time, getting updated information on opportunities, accounts, team member tasks and more. Sales reps can easily run their own reports in regards to pipeline and products sold, easing the daily grind of business.

Trending Analyses – Both sales reps and managers can view selling trends through reports and dashboards and use this to generate more sales. Through analysis it is now easy to track and develop short and long terms goals as well as view the number of closed deals as compared to the quota.

Collaboration – Providing support for team members is easier when managers and colleagues have a visual representation of daily activities and progress. With this colleagues can support each other and managers can provide assistance when needed as well as being able to see which team member are excelling in which areas.

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