Dashing Towards Greater Sales

When it comes to sales, there are a number of features Salesforce offers which can help drive your company's sales potential through the roof. It is all a matter of the tools at hand and how you put them to use – one of these tools, are dashboards.

In order to gain the most from your dashboards it is important to set them up correctly, identifying the few central features which are most important for your business. Ideally, dashboards should reinforce certain behavior that you want your sales representatives to replicate. If these employees can see their day-by-day performance, then they will be better equipped to keep sales high, than if they only see a yearly plan. In this way, you set up your dashboards to drive immediate changes in behavior.

One outcome of successfully set up dashboards is the ability to note which accounts are increasing or decreasing, allowing the sales staff to adjust their sales tactics to best advantage the company. With the information you have in Salesforce as well as data you can very simply incorporate from other sources, the potential of dashboards is right at your fingertips.     

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