Chatting Up Your Sales

Increasing sales is key in many businesses and with Chatter, available in the Salesforce Sales Cloud, there are many aspects to be taken advantage of:

Homepage – Here you see various important details including, a personalized dashboard, upcoming tasks, meetings, status and profile picture. This picture is a link where colleagues can read about an individual's skills and background. The status in the Chatter feed is where colleagues can see in real time what each other are working on, allowing them to help each other by responding to these statuses, building collaboration.

Interaction – A useful feature of Chatter is being able to see who is choosing to follow you as well as choosing yourself to follow certain people, presentations or application data such as customer accounts and sales deals. Anytime there is a change concerning one of these, you will be updated automatically on your homepage, such that you can deal with any problems as they arise, with no delay.

Deal feed – whenever there is a change in your deal you can click on it to view the opportunity page with important data such as close date, sales stage and deal amount. You can follow the deal feed so you remain updated at all times and can collaborate with colleagues regarding agenda and presentations, giving and receiving advice as needed.

Form groups – within Chatter groups can be formed to provide a forum for employees to interact regarding a project. Through the opportunity feed everyone involved can view presentations and agendas as well as being updated in real time when a prospect has viewed the agenda sent to them.

All these aspects of Chatter are also available from your mobile device, allowing sales representatives to keep updated through Salesforce Chatter and thereby improve collaboration, productivity and sales effectiveness.   

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