Salesforce Heads Forbes List of 2000

Forbes magazine is well known for its lists, one of which is the top 2000 most innovative companies. In 2009, Salesforce ranked 3rd in Forbes list of the 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies and this year is following up this success, by leading the the list, ranking 1st as the most innovative company, ahead of Amazon, Apple and Google!

With a turnover of $1.66 billion, Salesforce employs 5,300 workers who are all part of its success. There are several factors Forbes considers in putting together this list the first being the average annual sales growth for the last five years, where Salesforce scored 39.5%. The next statistic is the five year average growth of net income in which Salesforce scored 78.7%.

Of course, one of the other interesting factors included in this list, is the market value of the enterprise, which is $20.7 billion for Salesforce. While this amount is considerably lower than some of the other companies, this is by far less important than the overall innovation premium of the company, in which Salesforce received 75.1. This impressive ranking is over 15 points ahead of Amazon, who were ranked 2nd on the Forbes list of 2011.      

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