Social CRM – Get Connected With a Click

One of the most important keys to doing business is having up to date information, both in terms of company collaboration as well as customer service. The Salesforce social CRM is central in providing this for company's of all sizes, from all industries.

In today's world of social media, with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, customers expect to be able to communicate through these medias. Combining CRM data, with the information available through social media creates a well rounded image of the customer and their needs, allowing you to better provide for them and connect with them in real time. The social CRM will allow you to search, monitor and import relevant Twitter conversations as well as searching Facebook, thus keeping you up to date on all your customer information.

Another advantage of this Salesforce social CRM is it provides companies with a new of offering peer support. Employees can now exchange tips and information, no matter where they are around the world as well as being able to recognize new customer opportunities and therefore provide outstanding customer service.

The online community just got more interactive, providing you with better insight.

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