Add Visual to Audio with FaceTime

When it comes to running a business, in any industry, one of the most important aspects is customer service. With this in mind, Salesforce has brought out Service Cloud 3 with a number of improvements, one of which is a video conferencing technique entitled FaceTime.

With the option of face-to-face video customer support, the Service Cloud provides a unified communications system which will change the relationship between client and agent. This service is available through various mobile devices including iPad, Tablet, Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

Very often when dealing with customer issues, certain details get lost in translation, as solely audio communication leaves something to be desired. FaceTime is the future of customer service, offering visual communication, which makes communication much easier with less possibility of confusion. As the customer calls, their social profile and details appear, allowing you firstly to see their face, then to familiarize yourself with their case history including all previous interactions. Having a video call allows you to troubleshoot together and then solve the problem with no need for complicated emails, and lengthy communication.

This new form of customer service will make miscommunication a thing of the past and allow you to focus on strengthening your relationship with your customer.

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