Leave your Laptop and Go Mobile

If you are looking to increase sales activity and increase revenue, then you need to look into the Mobile CRM. Salesforce lets you conduct your business outside the office, through your Blackberry, iPhone or Windows Mobile, providing you with a way to maintain communication between your sales team and management, giving your business several advantages:

Stay Updated – both sales reps and management benefit from updated relevant information available in real time. With the correct data, management has the insight to provide training and direction, guaranteeing an improved sales performance.

Save Time – Through automatic call logging, new potential leads are updated in your chosen mobile device, such that sales staff can find new customers in their area, without returning to the office. This also allows you to immediately follow up any calls, getting to your customers with greater speed.

Information at your fingertips – Before a meeting, sales reps can view customer account information and with access to the content library, you can send your customers any relevant information, or presentation directly from your mobile device.

Security – To assure total safety there are a number of precautions in place including encryption, application time outs and a pin code for access. It is also possible to erase data over the air in case of your mobile device being lost or stolen.

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