The Wide World of AppExchange

Salesforce supplies companies with a variety of services and one of the perks is the wonder of AppExchange, whereby companies have the ability to browse, test and then install apps for a multitude of purposes. With over 1000 apps, the choices are almost limitless and with the ability to read through ratings and test-drive prior to implementation, nothing stands in the way of choosing the best possible app for each specific situation and then benefiting by time saving that would have been taken up in the case of creating an in-house solution.

There are a wide range of apps available in sales, management, and forecasting. Some of the more popular apps are:

Survey Force – brings you this app free, allowing businesses to create, send and capture customer feedback. There are 3 different types of questions available, all of which can be used with the drag-and-drop method.

Vertical Response – Here you can quickly and simply design email campaigns using hundreds of pre-designed templates, giving you the ability to launch professional sales and marketing campaigns with speed and accuracy.

Xobni – With this you can easily add contacts and view their Salesforce data as well easily accessing LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. 

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