Blat-Lapidot and Salesforce for SMB's in Israel

At the beginning of this month Blat-Lapidot hosted a Salesforce event at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv. At this breakfast event, the key guests at this event were Carel De Wet, SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) Customer Manager, and Dylan Petzer, SMB Sales Manager of Salesforce International.

The panel was intended specifically for Blat-Lapidot's SMB customers, as a Salesforce workshop and as such covered several topics. To begin with, there was a lecture given by the international guests regarding Salesforce in small and medium businesses, then there was a survey concerning the latest edition of Salesforce.

Included in this event was also a detailed explanation of how Chatter can be used in Salesforce and its many advantages.
Chatter is the first social networking application and also the first to illustrate the usability of Facebook for businesses. Chatter's popularity has accelerated like no other application; from the very first week of its launch it was adopted by over 10, 000 companies. Today over 80,000 businesses use Chatter, including Nikon, Dell, Lenovo and many others.

Following the conversion of Chatter to Hebrew, the international Salesforce representatives and the staff of Blat-Lapidot registered their combined strengths and together revealed to customers in Israel, the pioneering products of Cloud computing. 

Above: Carel De Wet, SMB Customer Manager for Salesforce International and Dylan Petzer, SMB Sales Manager for Salesforce International  

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