Where Familiarity Meets Innovation – Outlook Integrates With Salesforce

Salesforce for Outlook allows the synchronization of two applications; the Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Outlook, which brings a whole new level of productivity and organization to the complexity of the daily grind of business. When adding a new contact to Outlook, it is automatically added to Salesforce in real time, without any extra effort on your part. Later, as you go about setting up a meeting, Salesforce will automatically sink the reply email with the correct contact and account so you dont need to worry about updating it yourself.

When sending an invite using Outlook, the event is also captured by Salesforce, meaning that all updates need to be made in only one place in order to be updated in both, effectively staying in synchronization. This results in having perfectly harmonized emails, contacts and calender, meaning that all your business activities are tracked in one place. An additional advantage is that you are in full control of the sink details. In terms of administration, it is simple to get users up and running directly from the cloud. The combination of these two systems makes your working day simpler, as the finer details of the business take care of themselves, leaving you free to concern yourself with running a smooth business.   

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