Top 5 Advantages of Salesforce Over Microsoft Dynamics

The benefits of Salesforce in comparison to Microsoft are numerous and extensive. Here are the top 5 reasons of how the Salesforce CRM will advantage the running of your business, assuring that you are at peak performance.

  1. Provides real time updated information from any mobile device, supporting several email apps, from the browser of your choice.

  2. For a customer requiring certain portal capabilities, Salesforce is able to seamlessly integrate with other products as it is all developed on the one platform.

  3. Salesforce allows businesses to manage and analyze complete marketing campaigns while integrating with online advertising platforms, all out-of-the-box.

  4. As opposed to Microsoft, there is no need to get involved with coding in order to customize your CRM, create workflows or develop reports. With Salesforce, all this can be achieved with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  5. While upgrading with Microsoft is complex as it requires studying all of the code to ascertain what will change with the new release, Salesforce is simple. Three times a year the products updated using code which is completely compatible to the original release and therefore causing no implementation issues.

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