Combing Through Content – The Ultimate Business Library

The search for relevant information and presentations is often long and always frustrating, however the Salesforce Content library, integrated in the Sales Cloud, changes all that. The Salesforce CRM allows the sales, service and marketing teams to collaborate to create presentations in the cloud without the bother of downloading. All the presentations are available to be viewed from any mobile device, making the Content library all the more accessible.

To begin with, a search for a suitable presentation can be filtered according to field, type and industry, it is even possible to view Google docs related to your deal, where you can also see the popularity and rating of each document. The basic details of the selected presentation are quickly available, showing who created it and when as well as allowing you to view all this in the cloud, rather than get involved with time consuming downloading processes.

The next step is to edit the presentation according to the requirements of that specific business transaction, all of which can be done in the cloud from the preexisting presentation. It is then equally simple to share this in the content library so fellow colleagues have access to your work. This in turn allows employees to rate each others work as well as sharing their own work. The Content library also gives the option of keeping updated regarding changes made when content is published, which effectively replaces clogged up inboxes as huge files of highlights and updated versions are continuously sent. Your business hours will now be freer, as information is readily available. With just a few clicks of the mouse, newly updated presentations are at your fingertips, for you to filter, view and tag at your convenience.   

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