Hosting Chris Atwood – and Non Profit Organizations

Yesterday Blat-Lapidot hosted Chris Atwood, the Salesforce Regional Account Executive for Non Profit Organizations (NPO) in Europe the Middle East and Africa. During the course of his visit, Blat-Lapidot organized a gathering between Chris and various different NPO's in the Israeli economy, including those in the area of higher education. Several topics were covered in this meeting including; the methods of collecting donations, the value of university alumni, marketing models and employment guidance, all of which were discussed based on the system. As part of the meeting, there was also a presentation of the Salesforce system and the Chatter product which, in a similar manner to a social network, allows colleagues to share information and work together despite geographical distance. 

Above left to right: Maor Ventorero Business Development & Marketing Manager at Blat-Lapidot, Chris Atwood the Salesforce Regional Account Executive for EMEA and Yossi Mizrachi NPO Manager at Blat-Lapidot

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