CIO Kirsten Wolberg visit in Israel

The leading CIO's in the Israeli market were present at the event together  with Blat-Lapidot representatives, held on behalf of Kirsten inspired the whole room with her discussion of Chatter and her experiences with Salesforce products. She enjoyed both the event and her stay in Israel and was impressed with the people she encountered and ideas she discussed here. It was inspiring session which opened the minds of the CIOs to the possibilities available with! This is an important step in the process of getting the CIOs of the top companies in Israel engaged with Cloud computing in general and specifically.

Above: Natan Gavish, Director, Business Development, EMEA Emerging Markets, Kirsten Wolberg, CIO,, Maor Ventorero, Business Development Manager, Blat-Lapidot, Michal Blat, Owner, Blat-Lapidot

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