Pieces of a Jigsaw – Bringing Updated Information to You

In the business arena, one of the most vital elements is up-to-date contact information, which will allow you to keep track of clients, partners and potential leads. With the constant shift in positions and contact information, it can be difficult to keep track of important details, which is where Jigsaw comes into the picture – the real time Data Cloud.

Whether it is used as a standalone platform, or integrated into your CRM system, Jigsaw is designed to provide companies with accurate data regarding business sources from their crowd source database of over 26 million complete contacts, all updated in real time through Salesforce. With just a quick click, Jigsaw reveals all the relevant contact information including contact title, phone number, email and business address.

As you search for contact information, Jigsaw supplies additional information, showing you all the contacts in that account, providing you with business connections of different levels, uncovering new leads. In searching for a contact, you can choose to filter by location, department, title, or a variety of other descriptors. All this data is constantly refreshed by a team of 1.6 million people who contribute data integrated with Salesforce, giving you a new way to conduct business.

Integration with Salesforce lends the additional advantage of supplying out-of-the-box analytics, indicating how Jigsaw aids in driving more pipeline and closing more revenue. To ensure that your contact information is current, Jigsaw can be set to update automatically, letting you know when a contact has been promoted, changed address or leaves a company, such that you don’t waste time on pointless research.

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