8 Keys to Mobile CRM success

The advantages of Salesforce can be felt in a number of areas including its ability to give field operatives, service and sales representatives as well as executives increased mobility through a mobile CRM and Chatter Mobile for collaboration. To make the most of the possibilities we have 8 tips so you can get the most out of the system:

1.Leverage mobile collaboration– Salesforce Chatter provides a way to share and follow relevant people and records in a secure environment, keeping employees throughout the organization continually informed and productive no matter where they are.

2. Use newer devices – Make use of the latest mobile devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry® devices which are supported by Salesforce's CRM, allowing you to constantly updated while on the move.

3. Identify key mobile use cases – Identify clear and simple mobile needs by defining tasks and processes required in the field, such as logging calls, emails, processing orders, updating cases or accessing Salesforce content to forward to customers. It is possible to run a pilot on Mobile Lite to verify your key mobile needs.

4. Less is more– Be selective about which applications and data you make available. Users on the go tend to use a small subset of data and repeat the same tasks therefore take advantage of the application’s intelligent filtering capabilities to store only relevant records on the device at any given time.

5. Train your usersShow employees how to use and benefit from the application, providing them with training prior to getting mobile access and showing them the Getting Started with Mobile Access videos.

6. Choose the right versionSalesforce has Mobile Lite, free across all editions, which is suited to basic mobile access such as contacts, leads and opportunities. The full version, free for Salesforce CRM Unlimited Edition users (or available via an add-on license for other editions), includes Force.com pages and custom objects among other applications. It is always possible to make use of a hybrid approach where mobile users with advanced needs are set up on the full version and those with basic needs receive Mobile Lite.

7. Work with your IT department – Work with your IT department to accommodate restrictions or requirements related to mobile devices such as security and communications issues.

8.Take advantage of our resources– Salesforce.com provides a range of free resources to jump-start your mobile deployment, including live Q&A Webinars, how-to videos, implementation guides, and tip sheets.

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