Salesforce Summer '11 Takes Off

Salesforce Summer '11 is bringing our customer a series of new features within each cloud, expanding the already amazing possibilities. Salesforce has taken into account customer needs and desires by incorporating certain ideas voted for by clients, now available in the Service and Sales Cloud.

Sales Cloud – Collaboration between Outlook and Salesforce is now possible with the Outlook Task Sync, making resolving items much simpler. In addition, there are the Report Builder Accelerators and Expanded File Filters, so now working with more than one file is an easy matter.

Service Cloud – In order to give the most to your customer, Salesforce provides you with ways of keeping connected, through Twitter and Facebook forums. To heighten productivity, there is also the option to alter the sidebar and layouts or to add other customer components for your convenience.

Chatter– With the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Chatter Desktop, Chatter will now be even more available as it expands to Android, allowing businesses to communicate, browse, filter and post to suit themselves.

Jigsaw – 1.6 million people work to keep a database of over 4 million contacts continuously updated, such that you can plan your business strategy, secure in the knowledge that you have all the right contact information at your fingertips. – QuickFind has been added at your request, so now the tools you need will be easy to find. This on top of the Async Test Console allowing businesses to debug and test applications easily, makes the daily grind of business just that much smoother.

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